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Let's get to know each other´╝ü

We are a remote collaboration team as of the moment and will build up a multi national corporation later.

Peter W

Entrepreneur with 5+ years in running webhosting business and 5+ years in running online ecommerce business.
Involved in crypto market since 2015.


Head of Africa Operations. Experienced marketer and well-connected influencer located in Nigeria.

Tshepo Mothapo
Head of South Africa Operations

Entrepreneur with several years' experience in local market related to chain grocery, fashion and artists.

Tony W

Ex-Oracle Applications Engineer.
Specialized in Java EE, Python, Oracle & Mysql, PL/SQL, , RESTful API, MapReduce, Hadoop, Big data.


Blockchain enthusiast.
Wrote a blockchain mainnet from scratch and put it on github as open source, maintain a community with hundreds of blockchain fans.


Head of Germany Operations.
Bachelor degree in business administration, several years in IT Consulting.


We are still looking for talent people to join our team.
We will expand our project to each country especially but not limited to USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Europe.
Each country will need to build up a team to provide customer support and manage local market.
If you want to join our team, don't hesitate to contact us via email mrseven#robeecoin.com

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