The first coin specializes in ecommerce business and creating employment opportunities.
No more zero-sum game!

Robee is derived from similar pronunciation of Robinhood. Robeecoin is for everyone.

Fast transfers
Ecommerce business alliance

Transactions on Robeecoin blockchain are finalized in a couple of seconds and cost a fraction of a cent.

Robeecoin is not only a payment method, but also boost traffic to your ecommerce business by FREE OF CHARGE!

We focus on ecommerce business and will organize biggest alliance to make profit and create employment opportunities.

No need to mine coins any more, eco-friendly for our earth.
Inherits Bitcoin's superior security mechanism and inspired by Facebook's 2019 Libra project.


Token distribution and unlock method:

Our Alliance List

VPN Provider

Protect your privacy

Server Provider

Make your website faster

Community Provider

Make your project fly


Ecommerce store

Toys Manufacturer

Cheapest and quality pillow toy


Social community marketplace


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You can buy Robee directly from us and sell Robee directly to us at 1ROBEE=0.01usdt

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Company No. 13481486